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Villa Mas is placed in a nineteenth-century holiday tower at Sant Pol beach, in Sant Feliu de Guíxols, a golden age witness of the catalan bourgeoisie in the early XX century and the economic height of the village, which until the 30s was one of the world centres of cork industry.

In this environment, Villa Mas cooking is Mediterranean and based on the importance of the product. The basic principle is to offer ingredients of the highest category with the minimum possible treatment. The search of the valuable product is made out of the region personal knowledge of little producers, including the use of quality elements beyond the region.

The other essential element is the wine role at large in the restaurant, giving great importance to producers’ quality work. Among the wines in our list, there prevail the Bourgogne ones, a region where the vigneron, the producer who follows all the process with the utmost respect for the land, the product and the tradition, has a relevant role.
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